You'll love our Goats

Joyful animals, fun to watch. Goats are remarkably intelligent, friendly, and easy going. They get along well with other animals, children, and each other and never "butt" people with their beautiful horns.

Pesticide free solution

Pesticides only kill the symptom, not the problem. The weeds will always survive or come back thicker and heartier. Goats eat the flower and all of the reproductive parts of the weed plant. With the goats only leaving the stalk portion, the weed is not encouraged to grow back thicker and heartier.

Goat Girls is the Valley’s best solution to invasive plants

Goat Girls is the Valley’s best and newest solution to invasive plants, like multiflora rose and bittersweet, and irritants like poison ivy and sumac.


Goat getting ready for a day's brush clearing in Amherst MA

Goats and grazing animals have been used for centuries for land management. Goats provide an ecologically sound and economically viable alternative for biological weed and brush control.

Managed Grazing takes into account multiple levels of ecology and environment including: vegetation types, soil types, watershed functions, plant recovery mechanisms, nutrient flow and energy cycling.

The animals also provide organic fertilizer, which can help to restore degraded earth and natural soil organisms.

Goat grazing is also much safer to our water supply than the use of toxic herbicides and chemicals.

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